Royalty Free Music & Sound Effects

Good music and sound design can make or break any video. If you've got good video, but bad audio, your video probably won't do as well as if you had great audio and mediocre video. It's vital to get the perfect audio track and sound effects in your video. However, it can be hard filtering through all the options there are available online, so I created a list of royalty free music, songs, and sound effects that you can use in your own production.

The following is a collective list of all the sites I’ve found that offer music and sound effects for video production (home made youtube videos or more professional). They are in no specific order. Most of them are royalty free and require no attribution, but there are some that do require specific details, so be sure to read the licensing details for each site before you use it for commercial (or noncommerical) purposes.

Royalty Free Music

Royalty Free Sound Effects

Sound effects play an important role in any video or audio production. They help immersify the viewer and make your video sound authentic. These sites offer royalty free sound effects for your youtube or professional video productions. Most of them are free and are a great resource to have.