Google Certificates

Why get certified?

You may be wondering if having an image of a "certificate" provides any value to prospective employers or clients. In a practical sense, they provide no more value than the diploma you probably have in a closet somewhere. However, the certificates tell prospective employers that you have gained specialized knowledge in a topic that another candidate may not have received. It's less training they'll have to do on that topic and by doing it through a reputable company such as Google, it usually carries more weight than a random youtube series (even if that series provides just as much, if not more, value). There is a certain level of trust and respect when you earn something from a reputable company such as Google.

Google provides many different programs to help educate consumers of their services and products as well as potential employees. It's in their best interest to provide quality training materials and certifications for the relevant industries.

Types of Google certificates

Google has a few different types of certificates, based on the industry and topic. Each have been placed on different "education hubs" such as Coursera or their own platform. I've gathered the certificate training programs and courses that I've found offered directly by Google (even if it's through another website).

At a high level, the different topics include:

  • Networking and programming

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Development

  • Advertising

  • Analytics

  • Design

  • Miscellaneous

Within each are section, there are usually introductory — no previous training or knowledge is require — and more specialized topics that do require some previous knowledge. There is probably something out there for anyone interested in creating for the web.

Networking, programming, and development

Unsurprisingly, Google has many different programs for developers since they are a software company and a large part of their business is attracting developers and companies to their Cloud infrastructure.

This list of Google Cloud certificates spans all different specializations and skill levels: from beginner "associate" engineer to architects. While the courses are focused around their infrastructure, many of the fundamental skills are transferrable to other platforms.

Artificial intelligence

Artifical intelligence is growing in popularity and these may be some of the most valuable free certificates that you could take advantage of right now. Not only could they teach you a new skill or earn you more income, but they could lead to a career or life path of very important change in our world and culture.

Advertising & marketing

Marketing and advertising are integral to Google's business. They have many different certificates and training programs for each of their different products. They have some introductor digital marketing classes as well as more advanced and specialized modules for Google Ads.


Google Analytics and data analysis and synthesis can be very interesting if you understand it and can make positive change based on what you learn. Through these different courses, you can learn much of the basics and some of the more advanced features of Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Data Studio, and other products.


If design is up your ally, check out the newly made "UX Desing" course Google has made on Coursera for free. Their intention is to help everyone make good design decisions for internet users. There's also a more general certificate under their Marketing Platform for creatives.


If none of the above intrigued you, perhaps project management or general IT certificates will. Project management can be really rewarding if you're interested in organization and ensuring things get done in a timely manner to make the client happy. Or you can jump on the automation bandwagon and learn it now before your job gets automated away!


If there are skills that you're looking to learn using any of Google's products or general digital marketing, programming, IT skills, project management, etc, then this is a good place to start growing those skills for free.

Many of these certificates lead to individuals (and the companies they work for) earning more income and revenue. It's also important to continue growing as a professional and as a person. Some of these skills will carry with your throughout your career and life.