Roles & Responsibilities

Web Developer: I developed much of the landing page functionality for this project and worked on other elements with the team.

Project Details

Goal: Tell the stories and struggles of people who live in a food desert in Southeast Ohio and how they overcome them.

Audience: The audience is primarily residents of Southeast Ohio and those who have roots to the area.

Challenge: This project gave us an opportunity to work with creative people of different skillsets and backgrounds to create a cohesive story platform. While this was positive in many aspects, it also introduced challenges with planning and timeline expectations. We overcame these challenges through an increase in working sessions and meetings when required in order to meet our deadline.

Using an agile workflow, I worked with other designers, developers, and photo / video journalists to tell a cohesive story with an overarching theme. In this project, I developed the main landing page as well as the popup story functionality and contributed towards the project direction.

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  • Brooke Baldi: User Testing Manager

  • Krystina Beach: Photojournalist

  • Andrew Doherty: UX Designer

  • Rachel Fryan: Developer

  • Ryan Gebura: UX Designer

  • Brianna Griesinger: Photojournalist

  • Brooke Hayes: Photojournalist

  • Eli Hiller: Photojournalist

  • Julia Moss: Photojournalist

  • Cody Saylor: Developer