Rocky Brands

Rocky Brands is a parent company encompassing several footwear brands, the most well-known of which being Rocky Boots. I contributed front-end development and digital marketing expertise to increase sales with innovative digital transformation.

Roles & Responsibilities

Web Developer: I developed custom internal and external applications for business optimization.
Digital Designer: I designed assets for the website, email, social, and other marketing efforts.
Marketing Specialist: I designed, coded, and wrote hundreds of marketing emails and I created, ran, evaluated and improved ad campaigns.
Project Manager: I held vendors accountable for timelines and ensured projects stayed on track and were successful.
Photography: I created commercial photography for use in marketing collateral.

Project Details

I was responsible for web strategy, website redesigns, troubleshooting and fixing issues, and making content changes on four brand sites. Under my direction, websites saw an increase in both conversion rate and revenue compared to the previous year. I contributed to these advancements through improved web experiences, optimal lead generation, and effective design.

I also worked with the other Front End Developers and Brand Managers to create and curate a cohesive style guide in an effort to create consistency, ADA compliance, and mitigate design confusion. This was a vital document for current and future developers or others working with the company's digital resources.

SlipGrips website design

Lehigh Outfitters and Lehigh Safety Shoes mockups

I helped increase the email subscription rate to Lehigh Outfitters, Lehigh Safety Shoes, and SlipGrips significantly and increase email marketing revenue by roughly 200% per year. I developed automated email programs, defined campaigns and promotions, increased the quantity of custom emails per week for each brand to 2 and improved the overall quality of the program. With a relatively small team, I was responsible for helping plan, setup, create, execute, and reflect on the email programs.