Ohio University

Ohio University Website Development & Migration

I joined Ohio University as a web developer to help them migrate a large majority of the university's web properties to Drupal 8 from an older system, CommonSpot (ColdFusion).

Migrating To Drupal

With over 200 web properties under the ohio.edu domain to be moved into Drupal 8, this 3-year project is well under way as of writing this at the end of 2018. I joined the project after it was initiated and some of the early on leg work was completed by my coworkers.

Using the Drupal migration API, we used a script to import content from CommonSpot into our local development environment (drupalvm). From there, we can export the nodes into a remote environment (dev, stage, or production).

We also used this migration project as an opportunity to redesign the Ohio University web platform to create a consistent, modern looking website across the different departments. We're working with UCM (University Communications and Marketing) team to create a standardized, brand consistent, web platform.

While our team is growing for this project specifically to hit the 3 year timeline, we still support the university website users on both systems alongside the migration. Higher education web development shares similarities and has differences from the private sector. While we have a consistent set of users to support, there is still quite a bit of variety and demand for our services.

Another large modivation behind this project is to get ohio.edu accessible under WCAG's AA standard. Drupal 8 allows for this flexibility while offering a more intuitive user interface. We're using Acquia Cloud's enterprise hosting solution for the application and git for version control in a collaborative environment.

Overall, I've learned quite a bit during this project and will continue as new challenges present themselves on a daily basis.