Ohio University

Higher Education Website Development

I joined the Website Solutions team at Ohio University to help create a new foundation on Drupal 8.

Developing for Higher Education

Working as a Web Developer at Ohio University has taught me a broad range of skills including writing Drupal twig templates, modules, creating complex views, and certain soft-skills including project management, customer service, presentation, working collaboratively with designers, developers, admins, and other involved stakeholders. These skills are integral to my progression and success as a professional.

Creating Custom Components

I have the pleasure of working with talented designers who worked with me to create the specifications and mockups to from which I can write each component. From Drupal paragraphs (similar to WordPress Advanced Custom Fields) to svelte components, I wrote each component using whichever tool was most appropriate and reusable to the team and system. Below are a couple examples of some components I've implemented.

topic preview component image tile and icon tile components

Each of the dozens of components I helped write are accessible, reusable, and created using modern web standards and best practices. Many of these components allow content contributors to easily add them to a page using the CMS.

Migrating To Drupal

There are over 200 web properties under the ohio.edu domain that we've moved into a more modern and open content management system for our hundreds of contributors: Drupal 8.

The team used this migration project as an opportunity to redesign the Ohio University web platform to create a consistent, modern looking website across the different departments. In collaboration with the UCM (University Communications and Marketing) team to create a standardized, brand consistent, web platform.

Ohio University admissions web page


It is imperative to ensure websites are accessible to as many users as possible for a variety of reasons, but primarily because usability and accessibility go hand in hand. This is no different for ohio.edu, but there is also higher scrutiny placed on our product since it is in the public sector, so everything I write is accessible under WCAG's AA standard.


Overall, I've learned quite a bit during this project and will continue as new challenges present themselves on a daily basis. Working collaboratively with other professional developers, designers, managers, and a diverse array of stakeholders has given me the skills to succeed.