New Era Broadband

Business Website Development

This project was for New Era Broadband, a local internet, phone, and other digital service provider business. Since it's an informational website, I chose to use VuePress, a static site generator built with Vue.js.

Website Requirements

Fortunately I work with the business owner at my full time job at Ohio University, so he and I already had a good working relationship and were able to discuss what he needed out of his website redesign. Dave primarily wanted a refreshed website which featured his new services. It would still remain an informational website but since he plans to launch new services, wanted a site to match.

Home page

The home page features most of the new designs and information. Again, this was meant to be a simple site which shows the services he provides as an internet and digital service provider. It features internet, phone, business, digital connections, testimonials, contact information, and an 'about' section.

The stack

Since the New Era Broadband website didn't need to be fancy with database queries, it was a perfect candidate for a static site generator. As of 2018, my current website uses Jekyll and I have been a huge fan of the simplicity they provide while remaining powerful with other services to extend functionality when required (comments, forms, CMS, etc.). I chose to use VuePress (SSG), (CMS), CloudFlare (CDN, SSL provider), GitLab (hosting).

Using these types of tools simplifies the whole process of creating and managing a website while retaining much of the power from a more complicated setup such as WordPress without paying any additional fees. Considering the traffic, the providers listed offer a free tier which fits perfectly for our use case.

VuePress has been a great developer experience for those familiar with Vue.js and static site generators and I've used the other providers in the past with no problem. By keeping a simple stack, you lend yourself more time and flexibility when it comes to creating the website and displaying the information.