New Era

Roles & Responsibilities

Developer: I coded the website using user-friendly content management technologies that would give the client confidence to make edits on his own.

Designer: I designed the site entirely taking into consideration the preexisting brand a client feedback.

Project Manager: I managed timelines to hold both the client and I responsible for delivering on deadlines.

Website Requirements

  • Fresh, clean, and responsive redesign

  • Simplified editing process

  • Simplified content

  • Featured new services

  • Informational tone

Project Details

Goal: Redesign the website following brand guidelines through an easily updated content management system.

Audience: The audience of this website is people in rural Southeast Ohio who have limited access to internet.

Challenge: I struggled finding a content management system that was simpler than Wordpress (client request), but I found a good solution using a static website generator CMS that he was able to easily use.

I designed and developed this site with the client's needs at the forefront. The simple layout conveys the information and also facilitates upkeep for the client. I implemented with vuepress and vue.js as an easy way for him to update his site.

New Era website design