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CustomFit is Rocky Brands' large ecommerce business-to-business operation. I designed and developed emails, websites, and marketing collateral for the brand to showcase and sell their footwear products.

Roles & Responsibilities

Web Developer: I developed custom internal and external applications for business optimization.
Digital Designer: I designed assets for the website, email, social, and other marketing efforts.
Marketing Specialist: I designed, coded, and wrote hundreds of marketing emails and I created, ran, evaluated and improved ad campaigns.
Project Manager: I held vendors accountable for timelines and ensured projects stayed on track and were successful.

Project Details

Lehigh CustomFit is the business-to-business portion of Rocky Brands, making it a large source of revenue and a prioritized property. I contributed heavily towards their digital innovation through improved digital marketing campaigns by drafting engaging content, analyzing metrics through Google Analytics UTM tracking and Facebook analytics, and A/B testing emails.

I initiated, planned, and executed a website redesign which corresponded with the brand guidelines. The new design modernized and improved overall user trust and experience. As part of the new design, I designed and developed an interactive SVG map with vue.js which allows users to easily find their representatives based on their location. I also made it simple to update if regions or representation change. Before my new design was implemented, I was also responsible for updating and maintaining the previous iterations of the website.

CustomFit website mockup CustomFit website design
CustomFit service map